Cave Dwellings: We’re all hunkered down..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, December 6, 2013

We’re all hunkered down..

  Well, so much for the beautiful 70 degree weather….

2013-12-04 09.30.32

I sure did enjoy my coffee on our deck…

2013-12-04 12.16.332013-12-04 12.33.242013-12-05 08.25.29

…and the long walks through the woods…..

2013-12-04 08.27.24


…..watching the birds gather and feed off the fish on the lake behind our Hiker…






2013-12-04 18.37.00

….and most of all, those great campfires every night…sighCrying face

Our temps dropped from 77 degrees to 37 degrees…and it is going to get nothing but colder.  It rained all night and most of the morning.  When it gets this cold , we don’t open up the day/night shades.  Too much cold air gets in.  This, unfortunately, adds to my feeling of isolation and also cuts into my nosiness as to what is going on in our campground loop.  Well, not much is going on here anyway.  There are only 3 other campers in this loop.  We are hoping to leave Sunday after lunch.  We only have 60 miles to drive to our next spot, Jefferson, TX.  Jefferson is one of my favorite spots to be at Christmas time…and the other spot we like, Canyon lake, we will head for on Dec. 18th…They are predicting freezing rain for tomorrow evening and into Sunday morning.  Trust me, there will be NO driving done Sunday if we have ice on the roads here.  Even if it’s only a 1 hour drive, it isn’t worth the risk…

We went and got a few groceries and did our laundry this AM and now Den and I are hunkered down inside the Hiker.  Got ourselves some Church’s chicken (I  make the sides) for dinner, the shades pulled, the fireplace on, and watching some TV…and….cocktail hour is swiftly approaching..MugMartini glassBe right back  NOTHING can ruin this good time…WE’RE ON VACATION!!!Nyah-Nyah


  1. So glad the nasty weather is not getting to you. Somehow, we started our "happy hour" at 3:30 this afternoon, as soon as we settled down here at Tiffin Motorhome Mfg here in Red Bay Alabama where the temperature is a whopping 35 degrees. It is 5:22 and I am ready for bed. So much for rowdy night life.

  2. Freezing temps overnight in Phoenix and we awoke to no heat. My MacGyver didn't think to check the propane. He had them filled a little less than 2 months ago and prior to that we went 6 months on the two tanks. What he didn't take into consideration was all the baking going on...pies, brownies, cookies, more pies, pizza, nachos........Can't say I don't use my oven. So it was a tad chilly in the tin can this morning, but with the sun out it warmed up real quick and in the 60's midday. Tanks are filled and although Al did an awesome job restringing some of the blinds, I told him he needs a MacGyver refresher course.....LOL Stay warm and remember; it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

  3. Soooo frustrating, I know you needed this vacation and I hope it warms up for you. I have been checking the weather maps for somewhere to escape to (I'm in San Antonio) and there is no where to go without driving through freezing rain and wind to get there.

  4. We both knew it was coming. Just be happy you're not in Sandwich! (I never know if I spell the name of that town correctly) My plan for tomorrow was to be digging up some dirt on the refuge to start planting seeds. Fat chance I'll be doing that in this weather. I'm trying to think of something delicious to make for breakfast that takes some time, and helps heat up the rig. I think it's going to be a good indoor weekend. ;)

  5. At least your not alone - it's freezing everywhere so we can all suffer together. Hopefully, it won't last too long. Sounds like you're prepared though as long as you've got lots of propane and can keep that fireplace burning.

    1. not to dampen your spirits but the 7 day forecast for Bonita Springs Florida is highs in the 80's F... unfortunately I fly to north Texas for two days tomorrow where it is real cold...

  6. Have Denny chase you around the Hiker with the pancake turner,That will warm you up. Works for me. Have a big glass of wine before he does that. Wish we could meet you guys at Christmas time but Donna I don't think is up to travel yet.Hy have fun we think of you guys a lot. Sam & Donna...

  7. Well hunkering down can be kinda cozy in it's own way as long as the hunkering down doesn't have to last too long. Wonder what the weather is like in Big Bend Texas. They have real mountains down there just like out here in Arizona. Kelly & I did a fast trip there back in 04/05 & really liked the area.

  8. try and stay warm..maybe it will be warmer at your next spot! If it makes you feel any better it is very cold here too..going to be down to -20 celcius this weekend! brr

  9. Hello Dennis & Donna, You are going to freeze if you don't get further south than Jefferson.....The wind blows all the time and when it get below 50, it gets bone chilling. You might have better luck in DEEP south Texas We lived in Houston for over twenty reason we left. lol Just joking.....have fun! The Keys..

  10. Hunkered down and safe is good! As long as you are warm...way too many pictures of folks in rough weather on the TV these last few days