Cave Dwellings: We went to the “Donut Dash”..If you don’t “dash”, you don’t deserve a donut!
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

We went to the “Donut Dash”..If you don’t “dash”, you don’t deserve a donut!

  This morning was a cool 38 degrees when MacGyver and I peeled our lazy arses out from under the down comforter…I totally get why they call it a comforter!! We rolled out of the sack a tad early so we could walk out to the Sandwich Fairgrounds to watch 3 of the Heiser family run in the Donut Dash…(who decides the time of these races??)..I was hoping to get a donut just for walking the 3 blocks to the fairgrounds, but I guess that didn’t count. (Actually one of the crew DID offer me a donut, but I just couldn’t take it without doing the actual RUN!) This race was sponsored by the Sandwich Park District which is very active in our community.  Terrie, Tim and Peyton were running…Ter and Tim ran the 10K and Peyton ran the 5K…


This was Peyton’s first race outside of running Cross Country for his middle school.  He was signed up for the 5K and Ter and Tim were signed up for the 10K…Den and I were signed up for the “watch all K’s”….

Since Peyton began running Cross Country he has taken up his Mom and Dad’s love for the run and he was pretty nervous for his first official race. 


Our new Sandwich Mayor, Rick Olson, used to be Tim’s boss when Tim was a Sandwich Police Officer and Rick was Sandwich Police Chief.   Being the Mayor, Rick got the honors of firing the shot to start the race…

The 10K runners started first at 8:30AM…


That would be our colorful neon Heiser couple in the pink and lime green…AND THEY’RE OFF!! Peyton’s race didn’t start for another half hour, so we got to see Tim and Terrie on the first leg of their journey…



Ter and Tim stuck right together for the whole race….No way could I keep up with Dennis’s long frog legs…In fact, the only way I would run a race is if there was a clown with a bloody knife chasing me and Margaritas at the end of the race!!Flirt male






You won’t be surprised to know that Dennis was helping the crew adjust the flags for the finish line…


Before any of the 10K runners finished, they started the 5K…Peyton was anxious to get this race underway…RUN, PEYTON, RUN!!


Left photo is Peyton on the first leg of the 5K..still had his hat on….Right is Peyton crossing the finish line…hat off and sweating up a storm!! About 10 minutes after Peyton crossed the finish line, we spotted his Mom and Dad running in from the 10K…


Still together, they crossed the finish line lookin’ good!!  I have no idea where this “running gene” comes into our family…certainly not from me.  However, MacGyver did pole vault in high school…but no running.  Hey, wait a minute, I DID give Dennis quite a chase back in ‘69, when he was running after me…wooing me to marry himNinja

After all of the runners had finished they posted finish times and gave out medals for the winners in various age groups and  genders….There were lots of people awaiting their honors….Including the Heiser track team…




Lo and behold, Tim got a FIRST PLACE medal for men age 40-45!! and Terrie got a SECOND PLACE medal for women in the same age bracket!!!!!


But the best, by far, was Peyton…FIRST PLACE FOR MEN THROUGH AGE 14…..

WOOT! WOOT!!!!! 

(I know, I know… this photo is not very clear…It’s hard to operate my camera with tears of joy…Crying facePointing upThumbs up)  

What a fun way to start the morning!!!!


  1. What? No pictures of them eating their donuts? I thought that was why they were running. ;)

  2. Congratulations to all. Great job.

  3. Howdy D&D,
    HOORAY FOR THE HEISERS !!! And their 'rooter's !!!! Hooray for the defective detective;( AWWW he can't be that bad, my son's name is Tim) and HOORAY-HOORAY FOR PEYTON for coming in FIRST in his FIRST RACE !!!! HOORAY for the grandmotherly cheer-leader and she NEEDS a DO-NUT !!! HOORAY for the motherly Ter, who came in 2ND !!! THAT'S GRRRRREAT, TERRI !!!
    Hope everybody had a great time and a HAPPY DAY !!! HOORAY for the GREAT flag-fixer !!!!

    1. Thanks, Butterbean...Our family are all our all of our collective families..After all, that's what it's all about, right?

  4. The Heiser's clean house again,Boy and the youngest got first prize too. You and Denny can be proud of your clan, I know you celebrated I am just now having a High Life Light in their honor. Sam & Donna...

    1. Sam...You and WE will toast to just about anything...That's why we get along!! "CHEERS!"

  5. congrats to all the Heisers! they cleaned up!!!!

    1. Thanks, Sue...It's all about the family, after all....Thanks also for commenting on my Facebook!

  6. Hello you two...this is Ark38 aka Howard Key, Forrest City, Arkansas. I have a blogg, but haven't used it in amost 4 years, but do enjoy yours and read it often. keep up the good work...I know it takes a lot of time. enjoy the pictures and it remind me of our large family.

    1. Hey, Howard...Thanks for following this trainwreck...We LOVE of the prettiest state in this USA...Yep, it's all about family and we have a good one...thanks for following us!

  7. As usual, a fun report of a fun day!!

    1. Thanks for reading my drivel...As one of my friends says, "You choose which shoes to put on when you get out of bed, the "happy" or the "crabby" pair."

  8. Congrats to all the Heiser family on a great performance. I admire them all as I think it might take more than a donut to get me to run 5k or 10k!! Sure hope the photographer got a donut for taking all those wonderful pics!

    1. Thanks, Rick...This running "gene" has me totally discombooberated...I sure didn't give it to them!

  9. Congrats to all. Donuts? Count me in!