Cave Dwellings: Meeting Number 99..and trying NOT to drool…
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Meeting Number 99..and trying NOT to drool…

  It was a pretty exciting evening last night for quite a few Sandwich people, especially if you were a 1986 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Champs fan…AND OUR WHOLE FAMILY IS!! One of our friends, Rick Olson, is running for Mayor of Sandwich this April..Rick was the former Chief of Police and we met him and his wife, Lynn, when our son-in-law, Tim, was an officer here in Sandwich.  Last night Rick had a “meet and greet” at a fast food joint in town called Johnny K’s for his supporters. Well, Rick knows quite a few of the championship Bears team,  and managed to snag former Chicago Bear and Hall of Famer Dan Hampton for the occasion….N I C E…

2013-02-21 15.42.42


When we got there, it was a little early (OK, I was just a tad anxious!), and Rick immediately introduced Den and I to Dan “Danimal” Hampton. He chatted with us for a few minutes..telling us his daughter will be going to college in Tampa next fall . She is a 6’ tall volleyball player…imagine that. I just gotta say, this guy is about a nice as you can get

I wore my Chicago Bear Super Bowl sweatshirt from 1986, and he graciously consented to signing the back of it… and with the stroke of a Sharpie pen, made one aging fanatical fan dangerously close to embarrassing her hubby……Shortly after I got my autograph and had a nice visit with Dan (I can call him that now, we’re almost relatives), more people began coming in.  I decided to pry myself away and just as I turned to leave, Mr. Hampton said “Wait a minute, come back”…and….he posed with me for a photo op….Thank you, McGyver, for manning my phone camera while I was nearly wetting myself…



2013-02-21 15.44.22

                                                                                                                                                    Since these photos were taken with my phone,  they aren’t the best…but he sure looks damn good to me…My word, he is a BIG sucker, ain’t he???

McGyver and I were hanging around watching people bringing in all kinds of Chicago Bears memorabilia  for Dan Hampton to sign……I was still basking in the moment of getting his autograph on my sweatshirt…

2013-02-21 17.19.08




If you look close just under his signature “Dan Hampton HOF 99, 2002” you will see the player with number 99 Yep, it’s him…





Just as we were thinking of leaving, who should show up but our son and daughter-in-law, Kelly and Cindy…Cin had on her “99” Hampton jersey that she has been keeping for 24 years to get Dan Hampton to sign it…and last night it finally happened…




2013-02-21 16.04.482013-02-21 16.05.05


2013-02-21 16.06.022013-02-21 16.05.22

We Cavewomen have absolutely no shame when it comes to being groupies…You will notice that both Cindy and moi have big ‘ol smiles on our mugs while posing with Mr. Hampton…

Well not much could top that for excitement in my humble opinion…We were suppose to get a 7” snow storm last night and they were warning that it was going to be a very heavy wet snow…”heart attack” snow…As seems to happen a lot lately, the weather gurus were dead wrong…We DID get snow, about 2-3”….and it was light and fluffy…definitely NOT what they predicted.  I’m not saying it’s boring back here in Illinois, but that storm could have popped a little more excitement into our days back here in the armpit of the nation…If it snows while I am here, I want MAJOR SNOW….RECORD BREAKING….SHOVEL YOU NEIGHBOR’S SIDEWALK KIND OF AND PULL CARS OUT OF THE DITCH SNOW….THE PLOWING OUT YOUR DRIVEWAY KIND ,THAT HAS PEOPLE DOING DONUTS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, CHECKING ON NEIGHBORS, AND SNOWMOBILING TO THE GROCERY STORE!!….YEAH, THAT’S THE KIND OF SNOW THAT BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE!!!…  (As you may have noticed, I am coming off my Dan Hampton “high” and in need of something more to peak my interest…) Hmmmm, date night?

Tomorrow is, after all, date night and the Sandwich Moose Lodge is, as usual, or romantic place of choice (cheap cocktails might have something to do with it)…MugMartini glassWinking smile    !!!! Thanks for checking in…Now, if only I could get Johnny Depp to sign my DVD “Pirates of the Caribbean”…I have always strived to  become an embarrassment to my children…a goal of mine for years..Actually, I think I have achieved that goal many, many timesNyah-Nyah!

“No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I'm not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal”                ~Bill Cosby                  


  1. Looks like your daughter is a chip off the old block! I remember Dan Hampton from when he played for the Bears. Did you ask him if he really liked Mike Ditka??

    The Bears could use a few more Dan Hampton's right about now.


  2. I sort of root for the Bears, but really don't follow football or any sports. I have said I won't die until the Cubs win the World Series though. Can anyone live that long???

    1. That's what McGyver says to...the simple answer?

  3. Yup! Must be Canadian... I thought you meant Wayne Gretzky when I read your header! lol

    1. Yeah, I do know who Wayne Gretzky is, though , Barb...But I know the names Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita are...GO HAWKS!!!

  4. Slick moves getting Dan's autograph. When did the Refrigerator play and retire. Man, he was one big boy!

    1. The Fridge was one of the 86 Super Bowl team...Now he is pretty crippled up from playing football...

  5. nice that you got an autograph and a photo too! you are never an embarrassment in my book!!

  6. OK, that last statement only shows that we haven't hung around over a bottle of wine yet...just sayin'

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  8. Your Maxine header photo is spot on. LOL. Good one.

    You were certainly in a happy place meeting Dan Hampton.

    Good on you.