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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

McGyver is “down for the count”…:-(

  Yesterday AM, after our walk, Den began to feel achy, feverish and blah in general.  Shortly thereafter, the porcelain throne beckoned him…and beckoned him….and continued to do so …He ended up on the couch, assuming the position of one who has succumbed to the dreaded “flu bug”…I almost took his photo, but figured that was cruel and unusual treatment..and I would NOT appreciated if he returned the favor…Sooooo, today is Wednesday, and he is still reclined on the couch.  I just fixed him some soup and it gave him a belly ache…Nice try, Donna..but it was a “no go”…  So today I took my 2 mile “gimp” by my lonesome.  When I looked at the thermometer, I almost had a stroke…and then I saw these 2 Doves sitting on our deck railing….

101_2398 101_2399

They were all fluffed up trying to stay warm…so, I took my cue from them, grabbed my camera, begrudgingly jammed on my winter coat , hat and gloves (I know, this weather is just WRONG!)..and headed out the door.  Let me just say that the wind blew me back two steps for every step I took.  The sun was shining though, so I tried to stay away from heavily treed streets with shadows…and I managed to get some pictures that LOOK like Spring along the Sandwich streets…






Notice the school bus waaay down the street in this photo.  McGyver and I just happen to do our walk about the same time all the kids are going to school, about 7:30AM…This can be life threatening in itself, what with kids running, jumping and skipping around us “old” peeps…Not to mention the traffic, like a long never ending snake, weaving it’s way through town…And it’s not uncommon to encounter a frazzled teen driver, running late, talking on their cell phone and not watching for any “gray hair” in their path.Surprised smile


Today, I left McGyver  home to keep the couch warm and did a run to the Goodwill Store and Kohl’s…I called him on my new cell phone a few times to make sure he was OK, and not passed out on the bathroom floor.(Me and my cell phone are trying very hard to get along)…Den said he was doing fine by himself, so I reloaded my credit card and moved on to WalMart…Here’s a question for you girls…Exactly WHEN did bras become so expensive?  It seems that now you have to choose between a bra and groceries!!!  I absolutely hate paying so much for something that no one (almost) sees!!  And when does it become OK NOT to wear one??  Because, I’m all over that idea…I  sooooo hate the darn things.. They make me feel like I am in a corset and am being stabbed by coat hangers…Is it just me???? Truthfully, I have seen a few men who should be browsing the “over the shoulder boulder holder” aisle for themselves….Confused smile

  This month of April is almost half over..and we are waiting for the warmth to come back…Our granddaughter is performing in a musical at her middle school on April 29th.  Their 7th Grade Class is performing “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, which I believe was a 60’s movie with Julie Andrews…The kids have to learn to tap dance and there is lots of singing involved.  I love to watch kids performing..There are so many talented young people out there, and these events give them a chance to shine!!

OK, as you can tell, this blog was thrown together today…I’m not accustomed to having nonstop access to the computer for 2 full days.  You would think I could have come up with more fodder for the blog…Hopefully, Dennis will be better tomorrow.  I will know he is getting better when he sits down immediately at the computer with his coffee  and checks our email, sorting out the ones from Nigeria saying we have inherited a gazillion dollars..Those people are always “seeking our earnest cooperation in this matter” …Or, (and this is my favorite) :

“We have $19.8million in a bank. You can be named as Beneficiary & Administrator.  I make legal papers & show bank. Bank makes transfer to you. We share 50 - 50.Reply with your name, address & telephone numbers.”


That’s about it for today in the germ infested life of the Cave Dwellers…Right now, I think I’ll find myself a bottle of Germ-X  and hang it around my neck, and maybe stick a few Lysol wipes in my pocket..

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while Nature affects the cure”.


  1. I like to go braless on Saturdays or on a day I know I will not be going out. If you are small it really doesn't mater unless you wear something tight.

  2. bras are indeed a pricey item that no one sees..well almost no one!..
    hope that McGuyver is feeling better soon!!!

  3. Remember when I did that post about a year or so ago on "Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro?" Well, some of us need a bra in public if we aren't going to get them caught in our waistbands! :)

    The porcelain throne and I have also been rather intimate the last few days. My sympathies to Den. :(

  4. I think the more people one hangs around with, the higher risk of catching the flu bug. I haven't had the flu in decades. Hmmmm, d'ya suppose. All the best to Dennis. Oh, & the last time I was looking for a bra.....wasn't in a store:))

  5. The best place to see a bra is laying on the floor by the bed..also don't wear one on a day ending in y.

    Dennis here's a Bush Lite to you!!

  6. You should wear a bra every time your future happiness depends on it.

  7. I have to agree with Maxine on bras - mine is more of a "cross-your-waist". When I want to pull the wrinkles out of my face, I just go bra-less.

    Hope Den is up and around in no time.

  8. Sure hope Den is feeling better soon.

    No comment here on the other topic!

  9. Being sick is never a good thing, hope McGyver gets better soon. As for the bra thing, I would rather have groceries.

    Stay Safe

  10. uh oh sounds like Den's been pahrtaying too much...hope he feels better real soon, its the pits being sick.
    I have a very hard time finding bras that dont have those damn wires in them...what man thought of having wires that stick in your armpits and ribs. If endowed enough you can be like that wal-mart gal that just pulls her pants up high and wears no shirt

  11. In my opinion, it is okay to stop wearing a bra when you choose to stop wearing a bra (and are small enough to get away with it)!!! :) I stopped a long time ago and would really have a problem trying to go back to it. That sort of tells you what size I am though, doesn't it??

  12. butterbean carpenterApril 12, 2012 at 5:12 PM

    Howdy D&D,

    I only hang-out in the barn and bunkhouse; the horses don't give you their 'bugs'!! As for the 'other' subject, Donna, HOW'D YOU KNOW?????

  13. I prefer to wear guys sleeveless tshirts (wife beaters, I think they are called). Or now they have them in the ladies department but they cost more. No wires for me!!!

  14. Sure hope he feels better soon, it does not sound pretty!

  15. Well, as usual I am running late on the reading of blogs. I hope by now Den is doing much much better. Get well soon, Den!!
    As for the bra debate...well, if your girls want to be free I say set them free. You are right..the cost of a good bra is outrageous!!
    Your pics look very springy to me!!