Cave Dwellings: McGyver has a “gotcha” moment….
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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, April 8, 2012

McGyver has a “gotcha” moment….

  Well…..what can I say about this wonderful crazy Cave family.. You knew those kids were NOT going to let their Dad turn 70 without a party…So, they planned one on their own…I was just a by stander who knew about it, but they did all of the prep and covert stuff…Chris and John’s family arrived Friday about 5PM, and everyone was here for Spaghetti dinner that night (yes, I DID make the spaghetti)…The next morning, our son and sons-in-law, along with Den’s niece and her husband convinced McGyver he should go golfing 18 holes at our local country club…He wasn’t keen on playing 18, but they insisted…So, while the boys were away, the girls got to play…and get ready for a surprise party.

  While McGyver was kept busy on the golf course, Terrie and Chris were making snacks, hanging up signs…AND, in the middle of it all….dyeing Easter eggs!!

101_2328 We let Terrie, the teacher, and Taylor be in charge of the eggs process…Actually,no one managed to dye their clothing in the process…(another surprise).

  The kids had already emailed some of Den’s buddies, and I had emailed a few more friends from Texas in mid March…(You see just how covert this was!)..The grandkids hung out signs on Papa’s blue truck, taking more paint off …(Right now, most people think his truck is gray anyway.)  Our kids texted us when the golfers were on their way home…Let me just say that this country club is down the street from our house..about a 5 minute drive…A few of Den’s buddies arrived just ahead of the birthday boy, and Kelly said that Den realized something was up when he saw their trucks parked in front of our house…SURPRISE!!!!!!

I will now let some of the photos speak for themselves…




We had tons of great food, a fabulous cake, and a really fun party….




My Ya Ya girlfriend brought over one of her homemade Turtle Cheesecakes (she bakes for 2 restaurants)…I may has well just rub this stuff on my hips, that’s where it will end up anyway…


Also, that Saturday was our youngest grandson’s 1st birthday…and he had his cake outside with the party crowd..We have to bring these Cave grandkids up right and include them in all things “party”.


  I realize that everyone knows what a “baggo” game is…well, ALMOST everyone…Well, this family has heard of another game very similar…I’m sure it has a name, but who really cares?…It involves ski poles, full beer cans…and a frisbee….Like they say…a picture is worth a thousand words…

101_2364 - Copy101_2365

Later that evening, after there was only family left, we had a campfire..(imagine that), and ordered 4 pizzas which McGyver insisted upon paying for…




By 11PM, we were all at our respective homes in our comfy beds..Well, that is with the exception of the Wolff family who stayed with US all weekend…Easter morning I made a breakfast casserole and pancakes,and Ter, Tim and kids showed up for the feed…(Kel was on duty at OFD Easter Sunday).  Of course , E. Bunny had made his magical visit here for the Wolff cubs, Aiden and Maddox…Here is the funny part…I had been so busy with Den’s party, I almost forgot to give Maddox HIS birthday present!!! Luckily, Chris reminded me of it WHEW!!…BAD GRAMA POLICE WERE ALMOST CALLED.!

About 10:30 , we said our goodbyes…The Wolffs piled into their car for the long ride home…





  1. Had the Grands over for an afternoon swim and then we headed to our daughters for Easter Dinner.

    It's about time.

  2. Happy Birthday Dennis. Wow....70 years.

  3. Now that's what I call a party!

    Happy Birthday, Dennis.

    Glad to see you Cave Dwellers are still getting enough to eat as I wouldn't want any of you fading away on us!

  4. what a wonderful weekend you had!!! Happy Birthday have a beautiful family

  5. Happy Birthday Dennis!..looks like a great time was had by all!

  6. In the after dark picture, Denny looks like he is winding down.Glad to see you all had a great party. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. You Caves make semana santa look like a slow day with nothing to do. Well, guess it's not everyday a person turns 70... party on!

  8. Looks like you'll be in for quite a few colorful egg salad sandwiches this week. :)

  9. What a fabulous party weekend! Don't rub that stuff on your hips -- it tastes so good on the way down there when you eat it properly. We had a lovely quiet weekend -- beer can chicken Saturday night, roast ham for Easter dinner, with gong to church Easter morning, of course.

  10. Couple of glad you had such a terrific gathering and party for Den. I really miss the egg dyeing w/ no little ones around. My sons and I used to have such a great time doing that, but at 30 he wont play w/ me anymore.
    Now as far as cheesecake and hips.
    If you eat it and then do a hand stand it goes to your boobs and not your hips...just a friendly tip.

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  12. Looks like ya'll had a great time! Easter Sunday, Chuck and I landed in Zion River Resort in Virgin Utah to begin our summer job! Had a great trip up here with a stopover at Lee's Ferry AZ! We love that place! Gawd that cheese cake looked good! Gained 6 lbs just slobbering over the picture!

  13. Tell McDen a belated happy bday from TM & I! Also, we both want some of that turtle cake - yum-o! Good to see all the family pics, too.