Cave Dwellings: “Truckin’ Around In McGuyver’s Limo”…
Cave Dwellings

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

“Truckin’ Around In McGuyver’s Limo”…

  Today I decided I was feeling well enough to go to my physical therapy appointment for my torn foot tendon.  I may not have mentioned that my MRI showed a partial tear in the Plantar Fascia on my right foot.  I got signed up for some physical therapy this week, but I’m not buying the whole $575.00 orthodics the foot Doc wants to sell me….I’ll give Dr. Scholls a decent chance first….he’s lots cheaper.

  Dennis needed to use the GMC to go get some siding for our garage….so that left me with….


….the dreaded Blue Beast……This poor truck was a real beauty in it’s newness of 1989…As for now, it’s a real piece of work..And the inside looks like a vehicle for Chester the Molester to ride around in…



Notice the lovely pink upholstery (a quilt from our daughter’s bed 20 years ago..) And you can see exactly WHY the quilt is there! Yes, that IS springs sticking up through the foam seat.  I sure hope I don’t get dirty driving this thing!

But, HEY!! Would ya just look at that fancy ‘4 on the floor” stick shifter??? Man, that was fun to drive ..WAS is the key word.  Now, I have trouble keeping my old leg on the clutch at the stop lights, and have to throw it into neutral while I wait for the light to change…But in the day….ZOOOOOOOOOM!!!!  LAYIN’ SOME RUBBER!!!!!!


Atlas Therapy and Sports Medicine…ah, yes…Where I pay a 20 -something year old young man to rub by foot for 1/2 hour….I feel like Cleopatra….And I’m sure he is really loving the idea of massaging a 62 (almost 63) year old lady’s wrinkled, dried up , bunion ridden, arthritic foot…Yep!…., bet he can hardly wait for me to walk through the door.


My medical appointments for the day didn’t end here.  Because of my constant battle with my colon problems, I was scheduled to see my gastro guy next.  I hope people didn’t recognize me in the Blue Beast…how embarrassing.



Let me just sat that I LOVE this Doc!  He is so soft spoken….kind, gentle , careful, with an easy touch…all the major qualities you want your colonoscopy guy to have.  He listened to my story of intermittent “Montezuma’s Revenge”….and I prayed secretly that he didn’t want to do ANOTHER  colonoscopy…

The good news is…I don’t need a colon check…YET.  The bad news is he thinks I may have developed a milk intolerance…WHAT??? I love milk…I love butter, I love ice cream, I love cheese, I love all of that stuff!  PLUS…he would like to see me cut out my diet pop…What, exactly, am I suppose to drink my Rum with?…hmmmm?..Giving up my Diet Dr. Thunder is NOT gonna be easy…But….WIT…”whatever it takes”.  All this giving stuff up and he wants me to add a small dose of Metamucil to my daily schedule….a VERY SMALL dose.  I know, I know…I asked why the laxative. He gave me some answer about it acting like a sponge in my intestine, which is just what I need right now! Wouldn’t it be better to just swallow one?…At any rate, I will do as the good Doc says for 2 weeks and see if it keeps me OFF the throne for more hours of the day. Enough already about Dementia Donna’s digestive disorders….

  McGuyver came back from his Menard’s trip with a what appears to be our summer’s job….




  This weekend is suppose to be warmer FINALLY….and I’m starting to get nervous…I looked across our backyard and our neighbor has his rototiller out and is putting in his garden…NO, REALLY??



This appears to be the beginning of a battle of the planters…We cannot have our neighbor, Jerry, getting one up on us by planting his potatoes before we do…Looks like he’s drawing “first blood” on this competition, so I gotta kick McGuyver in gear and get ours tilled YESTERDAY!!



OK…I feel like this blog has been as boring as a reading a pharmaceutical textbook…(thank GOD for spellcheck)…Thanks for hanging in with me and my many dilemmas…Rest assured …everything will come out OK….(Sorry, just couldn’t’ resist)..See ya in a coupleSmile with tongue out


  1. Hope you get over that colon bout, It must be that 62 mark, I go through it on it off and I don't drink a lot of milk, took to taking two of those green anti diarrheal pills in the morning and that helped. What is Denny going to do that looks like siding in those boxes. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Oh I can so identify....turned 60 last Monday! I think I have a torn rotator cuff and have been suffering with it cause I KNOW he (dr.) is going to want to do surgery. I've been in pain with it for 8 months now.
    Hope your colon issues clear up real soon. I drink waaaay to many diet cola so maybe I should cut back???
    Oh by the way....very funny post. Isn't it nice we can laugh at our aches and pains????

  3. I was hoping to read a bit more about Chester the Molester but suddenly you were on to bunions, colons and diet drinks!

    Sure hope you don't have to give up too many good things in life just to start feeling good!!

  4. The truck is a nice ride,I would be proud to drive it you can park it any where and no one will park by you.Thinking you might ding there door.
    As far as your colon T.M.I. having trouble getting the thought out of my mine.

  5. Dont worry about the lactose intolerance, I have it and eat cheese every day! You have to eat it with fiber, or a meal and it is usually ok. I drink lactose free milk and also cook with it. You can also take lactaid pills to digest the lactose, ask your pharmacist. And yes, the metamucil works! It is also tru about the diet drinks, you would be better off with the moderation...of course. Wish you feel better soon.

  6. This has got to be the funniest post I've read in eons! But then maybe I have a sick sense of humor. The foot massage blew me away! :)

  7. Perhaps it is the type of diet drink in which you imbibe. I love Dr. Pepper but I cannot drink it in any form, diet or regular. I really don't know if the rumors about it containing prune juice are true, but it sure has something! And I didn't think your post was boring - I thought it was humorous! Not that having ills is humorous, you just make it sound that way.

  8. I was so looking forward to seeing what 'Chester the molester' looked like on the outside..the inside is so 'beautiful'..
    have a great day, Donna!..hope you are feeling's only a few diet soda!?

  9. I agree with Kenny. The 'Blue Beast would keep everyone away from you in a parkin' lot. Loved the 'Cleopatra' gig, reminds me to send ya' an email on a similar subject.

    Don't the 'Golden Years' Shine?

  10. Definitely try the drug store shoe insert first. A few years ago I injured a big toe and the Doctor had a custom made orthodic made for over $300. It was less then worthless.

    A ten dollar over the counter one worked a lot better.

  11. I'm not a doctor, but it is possible that you may even have a gluten intolerance. The reason I say this is I too, spent a lot of time on the "throne" I went to the doctor many times and different ones and they always said it was nothing to worry about. It kept getting worse finally I got a doctor that did some blood work and then sugestted I go on a gluten free diet. Guess what, I noticed a 90% improvement in less than a month. Might be worth asking your doctor about it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  12. No blog cracks me up like yours, Ma :))