Cave Dwellings: A Choral Concert….Talented kids..
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Choral Concert….Talented kids..

  Last night Dennis and I drove to Kaneland High School to see our one and only granddaughter’s  6th grade Spring Choral Concert.  I love to hear kids sing…A little known fact about myself is that I possess a State 1st Place Medal for being part of a high school singing group. I was part of a group of 9 girls..we were called Triple Trio.  We had 3 sopranos, 3 second sopranos, and 3 altos…took our act on the road (down to the  Illinois State Vocal Contest 1966) and won a first place….I think no one was more shocked than we girls!!!

At any rate, Taylor and another young lady had small lead - in solos for the song True Colors, originally done by Cindi Lauper.  It was a very short (waaaay to short for Grandma and Papa), but beautiful part performed by both girls….made me and her mom cry…That girl does have a fine voice for 11 years old….But we have been privy to it before.


Taylor is in the gray sweater on the end….





Taylor Heiser..6th Grade Chorus Concert..

Her Daddy brought her flowers after the concert was over…..Her Mom and I were a wet slobbering mess…..


…The microphone was set almost too tall for her…She is a little skinny mutt with a lovely voice….I can’t wait until their school performance The Wizard of Oz..Taylor is one of the lead Munchkins…type cast again…

Thanks for tolerating my braggadocio blog today.  It’s a Grandma’s privilege, right???  help myself….See ya in a couple..


  1. That was lovely..she resembles you alot.

  2. That weren't bragging atall. What I see is that, even though you didn't think you had talent, you did, and now yer grandchild is lucky enough to have it also. But the best part of all is that ya got to see her perform.

  3. Looks like she inherited more than her good looks from her Grandma! :)

  4. Don't ever apologize for bragging on a grandchild - that's what grandma's are for. She has a wonderful voice and I can see why you are proud. Thanks for sharing your "secret" too! It's nice when you can pass on that kind of a legacy to a grandchild.

  5. She is sure a talented singer,You have every right to brag and if you look at her and your picture you can see you are definitely the Good looking Grammy.Tell Dennis he is like me, we both get to take one of the prettiest ladies in the place out on the dance floor.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  6. Get that kid ready for when American Idol comes to Sandwich!!!!

  7. ahh Taylor is a beautiful girl with a lovely voice! bragging necessary we see the talent!..what a proud moment for your family!!

  8. Wow, What a voice coming from such a small package.

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    Dawn and Denise