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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Short blog today…and…No, Maxine is not in THIS  blog….She will be featured in a photo layout tomorrow…I promise.

  Well yesterday was another typical Illinois winter love fest…A high of 10 degrees, but at least we had sunshine.  Just to throw a big” WOW” into the mix, the National Weather Service has issued the dreaded wind chill advisory from 9PM tonight until noon tomorrow.  They are predicting wind chills to –14………I ask you, who has more fun than we Winter Illinoisans”??  I’m so excited I could just vomit.

Yesterday I had coffee with my Ya Ya , Mary… We went to Micky D’s for the $.75 Senior coffee.  It still hacks me off that those young little honeys behind the counter never even QUESTION my “seniorship”…” Someday I’m just gonna say, “Hey!! Believe it or not, sweetheart, I used to look like you..See what ya got to look forward to??”..Boy, that would shut ‘em up in a BIG hurry.

Since it was such an exciting day, I decided to do some baking/cooking.  I made some Oatmeal cookies to take to Indy with us this weekend..Oh yea, I forgot to mention that McGuyver and I are going to Carmel, Indiana to see our youngest daughter, Chris , and family…I think McGuyver’s plumbing skills are needed at the house they are renovating..Chris’s hubby needs help moving a toilet…Man oh man…we Caves know how to have a good time, eh?  Fear not, there will definitely be beer and wine involved after the sewer job is done…


…Left are some of my Oatmeal cookies…Right, that stuff that looks like someone just “ralphed” is my crockpot full of chicken breasts, wine, mushroom soup and sour cream…I KNOW  it looks sketchy!! I just put it IN the crockpot…wait till I scoop it our tonight about 7PM!!  Being in the “hausfrau” kind of mood, I also par -boiled some Italian Turkey Sausage for tomorrow night’s entrée.  I like to prep my dinners,….so I can enjoy cocktail hour and relax….

OK…now for the insanity that’s been going on here in our house…Since some of you urged me to enter the Maxine contest, I threw some stuff together to see if I could really resemble her in my ensemble…After studying Maxine’s picture, I realized  I needed a few more props to complete the look…Poor McGuyver had to be the photographer….The hardest part is keeping a straight face…I have a few more “glamour shots” to do before I will post some…

We are leaving Friday morning for Indy and will be back Monday.  We are going to help our preggie daughter with their  renovations ….Right now they are living in an apartment while working on it. I will take lots of photos and may ,or may ,not post a blog over the weekend.. We cannot wait to see our youngest grandson…and his “baby bump” brother who is due April 10th..



  1. I hope you'll have some crytic advice to go along with tomorrow's photos. :)

    Now, who could pass up the chance for a weekend to mess around with toilets??

  2. After reading about your coffee at Mickey D's I am wondering if you are not the REAL Maxine...hmmmm??? You REALLY should say that to those young hunnys LOL!! Can hardly wait for the pix.
    Have fun this weekend. Nothing like grandkids ... the plumbing I could do without!

  3. Glad it's Dennis that is going diving this weekend. I hae those bathroom jobs, Can't wait to see Maxine,You are entering the contest aren't you. Oh by the way thank which ever Ya- Ya's husband it was that gave you the magazine,out of the hundreds of issues of Train magazines in my office that is one I did NOT have. of course I was thrilled. You can't get back issues so that is a colector for me.Donna was of course thrilled too, because she keeps asking me what I am going to do with all of them when I downsize, Maybe I'll donate them to the Model Railroad club and some young guys will give them a good home. Anyway Thanks again, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. After working all day on a toilet, that's bound to make a guy real hungry!! Looks like your dinners are going to be great there!

    Have fun in Indy with your family!

  5. we are laughing out loud here in British Columbia, at your McDonald's story!..what a hoot!!have fun with your daughter and son in law..nothing like plumbing problems to bring a family together!!
    I can just well imagine the 'Maxine' pictures..we will be waiting!!!

  6. Great blog as usual. I really enjoy your blog, it's one of my favorites. Have a safe trip you two!


  7. Good thing you explained about that cookie mixture. Thought maybe you had bought one of those 'do it yourself' lobotomy books:((