Cave Dwellings: Enjoying our life and being grateful...
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, December 4, 2017

Enjoying our life and being grateful...

After a rough start, Dennis and I have managed to shake off the bad vibes and begin enjoying this trip to Texas. We have been parked at Wright Patman Lake, Clear Springs Campground, since last Thursday...This is always a stopping off point for us when we get to Texas. Usually it is much busier than this time, though.

We have been in this spot before and the view of the lake is amazing...and it's very quiet here!!
That "wall" you see around our camp area looks like stones...but don't be deceived. It's actually bags of concrete...Very interesting, but it wouldn't have been my choice for a retaining wall..However, it seems to work well..
This park has a ton of camping sites...Some are on the lake, and some are in the woods..They even  have 3 cabins you can stay in that overlook the lake...
Above is one in the center and  you can see another one on the right..I don't think they are much more than one room with a porch, fire pit and grill..You would need to bring cots and sleeping bags..and a fishing pole, of course!
This is the view out of our back window...
There are many trails and places to walk here.. This particular one use to be a road into the park, but is now closed. We love this quiet place to take our walks..It is a far cry from walking and dodging  the early morning school traffic back home...not to mention sleeping with only the tree frogs to listen to..And there are no train horns here to nearly throw me out of bed either!!
We have our Hiker decorated for Christmas too...I think it's pretty cozy...

 Don't be put off by the creepy, crabby doll on the back of our couch..It's just Maxine..I told her I would bring her if I could steal some of her insults from time to time...
 This is our dresser in the bedroom..a touch of home ...
When I clean the Hiker, (which only takes about an hour), I have a small Eureka vacuum that we have  had since we had our Cougar, in 2003. I must be an aggressive vacuumer because I ended up breaking the end of the handle off...So, I was about ready to throw it out until MacGyver took it and made me a new handle to put on the end...I should have known he would find a way to salvage it..It's only 14 years old, after all..

We have had great weather here...65 and 70 degree days and a campfire every night..
We will be leaving here Wednesday, the 6th and heading only one hour away to Jefferson, TX.  Jefferson is another of our favorite haunts..and I do mean haunted..There are many ghost stories about the haunting of many of the old historic homes in Jefferson. I highly recommend everyone to spend some time in this old riverboat town..Rest assured I will post lots from Jefferson!


  1. Your posts are always enjoyable. Thanks for the update.

  2. Beautiful site!!!! I could sit there and view that lake for relaxing!! Your Hiker looks very warm and cozy all ready for Christmas!! I decorated the Oliver this week and will post some pics on our blog later!! I have to have it looking like Christmas!!
    That handle looks very creative...good for MacGyver!!!!

  3. Great campground! That handle looks like it will last a very long time:))