Cave Dwellings: FINALLY…a surgical success story!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

FINALLY…a surgical success story!!

WOOT!WOOT!!!!!! My surgeon, Dr. Cord Sturgeon, called me yesterday to tell me that pathology had discovered an overactive parathyroid gland embedded in my excised right thyroid lobe…This is what I have been praying for and pursuing the past 2 years…AT LAST!!!!!



Two days after my surgery, we had a Cave-A-Palooza here with the Wolff and Cave families…and a few of their friends…I was a bit tired, but rallied when I got to spend time with the grandkids…


These were my Saturday morning “coffee buddies” on our front porch!!!

We spent Saturday afternoon in our nephew’s swimming pool. I didn’t get in, and had to be careful not to get my incision in the sun.  The temp hit 90 degrees and that water was sooooo tempting…



After a day at the pool, Peyton Heiser offered to babysit the kids and the adults went “downtown” and did a Sandwich, IL Pub Crawl…Well, we only went to 4 pubs, and no one crawled. I kept my cocktails to a minimum and it was great to get out and relax…


The “Cave” sisters….


Us “girls” at the train car patio…Me, Terrie in the back, left to right Val, Chris, Cindy and Jenny…friends of Chris and John’s.

It was a busy weekend and I was pretty tired after everyone left…Yesterday, Den and I had to go take our aunt to see Uncle Clarence at the nursing home, so by last night I was ready to crash..and I did…I feel really good today, and managed to get our Hiker back to normal after using it as a “hotel room”  one of the families that stayed the weekend…It is great to feel normal again…in fact, better than normal..I’m not sure why, but my bad headaches haven’t returned after the doc yanked my bad parathyroid…Not sure if that is why, but I will take any good stuff I can get from the surgical results, right?  I have to go back to see the surgeon June 28th and then I won’t go back to Chicago until September for one more check of my thyroid levels with my Endocrinologist…YAAAAAAY!!

Mean while, our only granddaughter has been in Spain, performing at various cathedrals with the Kaneland High School Madrigals..


The cathedrals they are singing in our absolutely fabulous…Such wonderful old architecture ..and the crowds love them…


I managed to snag a short videio of them singing at one of their performances…Here is the link…Madrigals  Turn up your sound and click on that link…it is a short video but wonderful~~~

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful prayers and well wishes for my surgery…I promise I will not dwell on it any longer…I have better things to blog about, now that my attitude is improving every day!!!..and so is my humor!!



  1. so happy for you that everything is 'good news'!!

  2. Glad for the good news on your surgery!

  3. Good news for sure and now it's time to boogey that happy dance right on out to the Hiker and head off to parts unknown for a big month long RV celebration:))