Cave Dwellings: FINALLY!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Last Monday, McGyver accompanied “moi” on another adventure to see a doctor at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago.  We drive about 40 minutes to Elburn, IL and catch a Metra train into the city. The train station is right downtown on Madison Avenue..When we got on at 7:35AM, we were one of the few on the train. By the time we got to the station (and hour and a half ride) we had people standing in all cars…



As much as I really don’t love the traffic and the hustle and bustle of Chicago, it was a beautiful sunny and warm day…and NO wind off of Lake Michigan…


The trees were in blossom and so were all of the daffodils..Middle pic is a statue of Irv Kupcinet, one of the great reporters and columnists for the Chicago newspapers…


A statue of Jack Brickhouse, one of our great sportscasters..and a Hall of Famer!


One of my favorite buildings in Chicago is the Tribune Tower…also home of one of my favorite radio stations, WGN. This is the façade over the front entrance..


There were many street musicians all over the place…I love this kind of stuff!!

As it turns out, I will be able to post more photos of downtown Chicago…I am having surgery to remove a parathyroid tumor on June 8th…and I have two trips before that to get a Nuclear Scan of my parathyroid glands, and also have to go for pre-op evaluation. I LOVED my surgeon, Dr. Cord Sturgeon.  (Sturgeon the Surgeon..teehee ). He is one of the best in the country for parathyroid and thyroid surgeries…and it was important for me to get this guy because I have already had one unsuccessful parathyroid surgery.  This second one is what they call a “revision”…in other words, he is redoing this surgery…and this time he will get that nasty thing and get it out. He did an ultrasound in the exam room and saw the tumor clearly..YAY!! I’m NOT nuts afterall!!

I will be spending the night at the hospital, which is just fine with me…I know it sounds crazy to be excited to go through another surgery, but I have a very good feeling about this one..and great faith in this surgeon…FINALLY!!

Our weather here has been very nice…it’s about time! Dennis and I went to watch our oldest grandson, Peyton, run in an eleven school invitational High School Track Meet…Peyton is a Sophomore, and he is getting better , faster and stronger every time he runs..He turns 16 in June..and looks 12.. He ran the 800 meter, which is twice around the track…


In the left photo, Peyton is in the middle…right picture he is in the black and white running out front…He finished 7th of 16 kids, and his school,  Kaneland High School, was the smallest school there!  Peyton also runs Cross Country in the Fall, and this Fall he will be on the Varsity Team..WOOT!WOOT!

We have a busy weekend coming up…Our granddaughter, Taylor, is performing in the Kaneland High School Spring Musical, “Into The Woods”..and she is playing Cinderella…She has a wonderful voice and she will have a fan club in the audience..There will be 12 of the family seated all in one row for the 1PM matinee on Saturday…Den and I, Ter and Tim, her two brothers, Kelly and Cindy, their granddaughter ..and Chris , John and the 2 Wolff cubs ..Another regular Cave-A-Palooza!! Oh, …and of course you know I will have a plethora of photos to brag about..

OK, it’s cocktail hour and I am ready for a Cuba Libre…I thought I should update all of you with my merry medical news!!Cheers!!


  1. We like WGN too and we live in MI. I miss the merry medical news! Well, if you are happy for surgery, we are happy for surgery. Too bad it isn't next week so you can get it over with.

  2. great news on the surgery front!..sure will be nice for you to have this all behind you!

  3. Finally is right! This has been dragging on for too long. Best wishes on June 8!