Cave Dwellings: Evacutated from Pensacola Beach..and our granddaughter the Court Jester!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, December 14, 2015

Evacutated from Pensacola Beach..and our granddaughter the Court Jester!

Dennis and I were lovin’ life at Ft. Pickins Campground on Pensacola Beach..Our site was great, weather was fantastic, the fort unbelievable, and the ocean hypnotizing…

Above is Battery Worth, where one of the big guns of the Union was defending our coast. Just across the bay is the Pensacola Naval Air Station.
We also had a couple visitors here at Ft. Pickins…Randy and Pam Warner, of The Roadrunner Chronicles, came to visit us! We had a cup of coffee and a great talk..and of course, Randy had to bring out his “selfie stick” for a photo op!!
 Thanks for stopping by you kids!!! Hope to see you down the road again sometime!
Last year, when we toured the Naval Air Museum, they told us that the Blue Angels were usually not in town during December…Well, imagine our surprise when we were buzzed by 4 Blue Angels right over our campsite late one afternoon!! It shook the Hiker. Of course, by the time I could get my camera, all that was left was their smoke stream…

 One gentleman climbed up on top his camper to hope they would come by again..Alas, they didn’t..but WHAT a THRILL!!
So , we were relaxing Friday evening by our camper about 4PM, making plans to go into town on Saturday. We weren’t due to leave there until Wednesday, Dec. 16th. All of a sudden we see two “Ranger Ricks” coming down the line of RV’s and talking to people. One came by us and said,”You may have heard by now, but we are evacuating the campground due to bad weather coming in Sunday or Monday”…SAY WHAAAAAT?? He continued, “All campers have to be out of here by 5PM Saturday”..OK, that is 24 hours. Needless to say, our quiet relaxing evening turned into a frenzied “clean up and put away” job. We quickly decided to just go on ahead to our next reservation at Salt Springs Recreation Area, near Ocala. Den was a bit worried about how crowded the dump station may be the next morning..So..on Saturday we got up at 5:30AM, tucked and plucked everything in it’s place and hooked on. We were the first at the dump station and on the road by 6:45AM..WHEW!!
My one and only day at the ocean sunning myself…I love this beach…hated to leave early, but,…hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!  
It is a 7 hour drive, and we don’t like to do that long , especially when we hadn’t planned on it for 5 more days. When we got here, we talked to the nice park people and told them our story.  The site we were suppose to have 5 days from then was filled…But she quickly gave us a list of 7 available sites, and said to pick one out, “drop our Hiker” and come back to let  her know which site we chose..Oh, and she told us we didn’t  have to move..We could stay there the whole 7 nights!! YAY!! And here is our site we chose…

Yep, pretty darn nice..full hook up and $14 a night with the old person’s card…Weather is 82 degrees, and yes, the mosquitoes ARE out!!
OK…time for a little family bragging…yet again. This past weekend our granddaughter, Taylor Heiser, was in the Kaneland Performing Arts Madrigal Dinner…and she was outstanding as the Jester..Bear with me..I just have to post a few pictures. I sure wish we could have seen it…

 “What is a Madrigal Dinner?”, you ask..(You DID ask, right?) Well…….A Madrigal Dinner is:
 “Twelve or more singers dress in 16th century, English costumes herald in the Christmas season with a harmonious concert of traditional, acappella carols. The ten members of the royal court join the King and Queen as they sit on stage in a semi-circle that opens to the audience. The guests are seated at festively decorated tables ready to enjoy a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings: the Wassail, (hot apple cider) the "boar's head" (prime rib) and Figgie Pudding (bread pudding.) The King's Jester serves as the "Master of Ceremonies" for the evening, as he delights and surprises the audience with toasts, jokes, and comic asides. “ You just knew I was going to go into “education mode” here, right???

Of course, Terrie and Tim weren’t proud of her at ALL!!..and her brothers love it too!
A very proud moment for the family!!

And here is the entire Madrigal cast…What a group of talented kids!!
Soooo...MacGyver and I are safely ensconced here in our Hiker at Salt Springs..Meanwhile Pensacola Beach is having "high surf warnings, blowing sand and rip currents"...Me thinks me likey it here just fine!! Thanks for putting up with my braggadocio self. (I couldn't resist that medieval word.)



  1. At least they gave you enough warning that you could get all packed up and out of there. Flexibility is the name of the game when you RV. It's a grandparents job to brag so keep up the good work.

  2. That happens a lot there:( Due to the low elevation, they often flood, so I guess it is better safe than sorry.

  3. Glad you made it out of there safely and are enjoying your new location.

    It's about time.

  4. So funny! Just as I was thinking, 'what kind of a dinner is that?'.... Great meeting you two!

  5. Good you had the ranger early warning system before the storm. Obviously you didn't know about it.

    Your granddaughter, Taylor, looks like she's having a ball as the Jester! At least you got photos, even if you couldn't be there in person.

    Good blog.

  6. Glad all is well and things worked out in Ocala !!! The talented granddaughter looks like she knows how to break a leg !!!! Great looking family !!! Hope you can relax at Salt Springs .....