Cave Dwellings: Gautier, MS
Cave Dwellings

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Gautier, MS

We have been here at Shepard State Park in Mississippi since Monday. Gautier is the name of the town, just West of Pascagoula. Den and I were pronouncing it Gotee-air. We were informed by the counter guy at NAPA Auto Parts that it is pronouned “Goshay”…OK,…He guessed we were Northerners right away. When we open our mouths it’s like holding up a big sign saying “Yes, we are Yankees…and we are clueless how to talk!!”  We ended up at the NAPA store to get 2 new deep cycle batteries for the Hiker…Ours are 4 years old and the last time we raised our front jacks it sounded like it was really straining …sooo…about $200 later, we did CPR on the Hiker and got her“up to snuff”!

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Above is our spot here at the park..We are backed up to some of the backwater connected to Singing  River.


When we arrived Monday, we noticed a sandbar in the middle of the water (you can see it on the left).  But by late evening, the sandbar was gone, so we figured we are somehow connected to the tidal waters of the Gulf.

Dennis was stationed in Biloxi, about 18 miles from here, at Keesler Air Force Base in 1960-61.  He hadn’t been back since, so we took a ride into Biloxi to see if he could recall anything…

101_6750 101_6751

Well, the answer to that was a resounding “NO”..He really didn’t expect to recognize much.  Biloxi has been hit by 18 hurricanes total, and the biggest, Hurricane Camille and Hurricane Katrina, really wiped out much of the old homes and things on the beach.  And those wonderful old buildings were replaced with about 15 casinos…We did find the street that he remembered walking to get to the Air Force Base entrance gate..It was still in the same place, but, of course, much different now…


The “guard shack” has been rebuilt of brick and made much more secure.


Dennis says he spent many a day on this beach…It was within 2 blocks of the AFB gate.

We took a drive, following the signs, to see “downtown” Biloxi..Well….it was a big disappointment. I am sure Camille and Katrina wiped out most of those old buildings too. MacGyver says he and some buddies used to walk into town from the base and “bar hop” Imagine that, 19 year old GI’s bar hopping.…(Drinking age then was 18)…So, after a quick drive around, we drove back to “Goshay”, and began a  lengthly cocktail hour.  I am pretty sure he was disappointed, but he says no, he didn’t expect it to be anything like he remembered. After all, that was 54 years and many hurricanes ago!!

Our weather here, like most of it has been lately, is cold and quite rainy.  We have been back in our Winter coats for our last 2 walks….SAY WHAAAAT???? But again, I keep my mouth shut..well, I try not to whine..Illinois is like the frozen tundra…and it’s almost March!!

I do love this town of Gautier..Our park is on one of the “Scenic byways”, about 1 block from the Gulf.  The homes are up on “stilts” out by the bay, but there is an older neighborhood we have walked through that is mostly brick ranch homes..

101_6752 20150226_085251

Left is a bay home (I actually cropped the car out, but Picasa wouldn’t let me SAVE it! GRRRR!.) Right pic is one of the older neighborhoods..Those Live Oaks are just gorgeous!

At any rate, we are liking this South Mississippi area, trying to get some y’all in our language! Looking for a good place for seafood, I have been online. We didn’t want fancy, but just really good seafood to carryout..I think I found one! It’s called Bozo's Seafood Market. Check out the link..they have 18 photos to look at! It’s about 5 miles from us in Pascagoula, on a back street, open from 8AM-8PM and been in business since the 1950’s!  We did a drive by today so I could run in and get a “to go” menu..Ha! Den could hardly find a place to park so I could run in..and it was 11:30AM!. People were leaving with bags and containers everywhere! I ran in and it was organized bedlam…A bunch of peeps eating at little tables, a line to place your order, a long line to pay for it..and in the back a seafood counter with crabs, crawfish, oysters, fresh name it. I didn’t get a menu because it was written on the wall, but I now know what we will order..a fried oyster “box” of 1 dozen oysters, fries and hush puppies for $9…Yep, we will be back tomorrow afternoon about 3PM, trying to miss the lunch and dinner rush!!

Oh, I almost forgot…I have a question for “the birdlady of blogland”, Judy


Just what IS this bird, oh great Sensei??? Looks like a Robin, but even I know it isnt..I could get out my bird book, but I figured you might want to know that I trust you more!!


  1. Thanks, Barney...I did correct that..I have NO idea about our batteries..wells, cycles...whatever ...

  2. Okay, I have lots to say about this post. First of all, I think you should eat in at Bozo's. Their shrimp po-boys are fantastic (fully dressed of course), and you just dump your garbage down the hole in the middle of your table.

    Good old Goshay! Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR is just north of I-10. You might be able to get on one of the last tours of the season to see the cranes.

    On the drive to Biloxi, did you see all the carvings made along the road from the live oaks that were destroyed by Katrina? I think the road is US 90 or 90 something.

    Lastly, that's an Eastern Towhee, Grasshopper. ;)

  3. Sorry to hear the weather isn't cooperating but the seafood sounds delicious. You said Picasa wouldn't let you save it. I'm not sure what you mean, but you don't need to save a second copy - any changes can always be undone.

  4. The homes are built on "stilts" due to the building code because they are in a flood plain.

  5. You might enjoy "The Shed" barbecue in Ocean Springs. It is unique and tasty. Also you enjoy visiting Gulf Islands National Seashore in Ocean Springs.

  6. X2 on Gulf Islands National Seashore also known as Davis Bayou. Should be warming up for you next week !!

  7. Check out Davis Bayou Campground in Ocean Springs. Its near where you are and part of the National Seashores so you can use your America the Beautiful pass. Its a nice small campground.

  8. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions! We did drive to Gulf Islands Nat'l Seashore and checked out the camping...I truly love this part of the US!!

  9. We met up with Judy a few years back while we were in are the area. She also suggested The Shed, as another Phillis (spelling is different from mine) suggested. A group of us went on a Friday night, it burned to the ground Saturday morning. They said they would be open that Friday for takeouts. I am wondering how well done the meat would be.

    We were back in the area the next year and it was partially rebuilt. I, too, would recommend it.