Cave Dwellings: Cooled down…but we are surely not complaining
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, January 9, 2015

Cooled down…but we are surely not complaining

The last couple days has been cooler than usual.  By that I mean that it’s upper 40’s at night and upper 60’s lower 70’s during the day…Dennis and I are keeping our yaps zipped up tight…after seeing that terrible weather in Northern Illinois!

chicago snow


It’s been pretty beautiful here, and I think we have only had rain once since we left Illinois…(not counting the 3” snowfall in Southern IL our first night on the road!!!)

This campground sits on the last lock before the Gulf of Mexico…and it is virtually on an island.  You cross a land bridge to get here from mainland.  Den and I walk this way out to the road and back…twice…every day.


Above photo shows that land bridge..On the right is the fresh water, on the left side is the salt water…The salt water part is interesting because it ebbs and flows with the tides of the Gulf..If you look closely on the left side, you can see the rocks exposed along the shore…the tide was out.  Not so on the right side. We also found out that if you want to fish here on both sides, you  have to get 2 separate fishing licenses…one for fresh water and one for salt water…Obviously the government is involved here..tehee.

On our walk we always seem to see some kind of wildlife…


OK, that is NOT the kind of “wildlife” I meant..Note that I AM in a sweatshirt, jeans and cap…usually I’m  frightening stylin’ in my shorts!

101_6278 101_6274

Above…(I just know The Birdlady of Blogland is watching )..Redtail Hawk! (?)  right is …I KNOW THIS ONE!!..Bald Eagle..I don’t think he appreciated that little bird sharing his tree.

OK, here is one I don’t know…





Hmmmm….My given nickname in Judy’s classroom just went from “grasshopper” to “toady”…OK, this bird looks familiar..I am sure I have seen it before…hmmm…I’m gonna take a guess and say Green Heron…As you can see, my reputation as a “bird watcher” is highly exaggerated…I am only a bird “lurker”…I love to watch with binoculars, and don’t care WHO I’m watching…That could get me arrested in Sandwich, IL.




This morning when I woke up and pulled up the shades, I saw a beautiful orange sun rising out our back window…Since we aren’t in the last campsite, AND I didn’t want to scare the neighbors, I took this photo out our window. 


Until next time…(I’ll just bet you cannot WAIT!) ….


  1. You will retain your nickname, grasshopper, with the green heron ID! I reserve judgement on the hawk though, as I can't see its tail, nor can I tell its size.

    The pic of the Chicago theater brought back memories, but I'm glad I'm not there now. Don't like that cold white stuff any more.

  2. I am guessing you are right...two fishing licenses to fish on each side of a road...the government is involved...:)