Cave Dwellings: Well….we THOUGHT we were heading South!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Well….we THOUGHT we were heading South!!

A quick thrown together blog (what else is new?) to let you know the Cave Dwellers finally got their act together and took it on the road.  We loaded the Hiker on Tuesday, and it sleeted that evening and the temp dropped to 19 degrees.  Needless to say, we had a little trouble with icing on the slides,…and the locks were iced up.  Not to be deterred, MacGyver and I got up at 6AM Wednesday morning and did the few last things before we pulled out of the driveway.  One funny thing (well, NOT funny to Den) happened. We learned to turn off the water in the house before leaving for the Winter…Dennis did that about 7AM…and about 7:10 AM he attempted to fill our fresh water tank…hmmm. Thinking that the water was frozen at the outside faucet, he even used a little torch on the faucet. That was when the light bulb went off in his MacNoggin…DUH..The water was turned off. As you can see, we were a little discombobulated and disoriented before we finally got the rig on the road.

Our first night was to be spent at Rend Lake in Southern Illinois.  We got in about 1PM and got all set up, cozy and ready for cocktail hour…

20141126_150346 20141126_150403

Just look how cozy we are!! Relaxed and enjoying our first night “on the road”…and the it began….

20141126_152708 WHAT THE HECK????? Who predicted this??? We checked Weather Bug and THIS was NOT in the forecast!!

So, this put a bit of a damper on the celebration of getting out of the snowy and frigid Northern Illinois.  We watched our outdoor thermometer continue to plummet…We have one of those clock/thermometers that projects the bad  news on the ceiling of our bedroom…and by 6AM it was 20 degrees. Yikes.

Our plans were to get on the road early..Dennis was determined that if we could get the slides cleaned off of ice, the interstates wouldn’t be very bad..So, he climbed up on top our Hiker roof (while I stayed inside and prayed to Murphy not to slap him to the ground).  Our broom wasn’t cutting it, so I handed him a long thin piece of wood from the back of our truck. We always take some to help level from side to side. He used that as a giant“camper slide scraper” and managed to get them clean enough to pull in.  And after prying, kicking and crunching the ice off our Direct TV setup, steps, and electric cord, we pulled out about 7:45AM…


Above is road leading out of the camping area to the highway….If I hadn’t been so scared I would have considered it very pretty….We came from Northern Illinois with no snow to Southern Illinois and icy, snowy nastiness..However, Den was right, I-57 S was clear when we got on it , and clear all the way..We ran out of snow after about 30 miles.

So, our first couple days of returning to the RV life was, as it usually is, a tug of war between Murphy and us…and we finally won. We arrived here at Grenada Lake, MS, North Abutment about 1:30PM and lovely site it is!!

20141127_144522 20141127_144627

20141127_145943 That would be us…right on the lake…aaaahhh, yes.

They are predicting almost 70 degrees here this weekend, and our first reservation is not until Dec. 7th, so we decided to stay 6 nights to “shed the stress and decompress”…in a lovely spot..FYI, this is and Army Corp campground, so it cost us old farts $10 a night..Looks like we have a plan..and Murphy can take a flying leap!!!


  1. One time we stayed at Rend Lake and it was hunting season. We didn't know it...Guns going off all around us, deer carcasses hanging all over the campground. We didn't stay long, but it was beautiful! Glad you are in a Corp park. We loved those when we were traveling...Envious of you back out on the road....wish we could do that! But we're committed to the house now, and a different lifestyle...sigh....We'll keep reading to see what you guys are up to!

  2. What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy some nice weather!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dennis!!! Enjoy!!!

  3. Welcome to Mississippi. Wasn't today beautiful? Glad you left ol' Murph' in Illinois.

  4. Pretty darn nice feeling finally being back on the road again eh. That turning off the water then forgetting it 10 minutes later is so much me. Looks like you are out of the ice & snow now so that pretty darn nice feeling gets even more darn prettier. Now get on outside there & enjoy your time at Grenada Lake:))

  5. glad you made it to the land of sunshine! looks like a great spot to stay for a few days!

  6. Glad you beat Murphy down and are getting warm:)

  7. I second that "Welcome to Mississippi". We are having some spectacular weather.

  8. From your blog headline I feared the worst - thought you might have slid into a ditch or something. Glad to see you made it out of the snow and into warmer climes. Sure looks like a nice spot to spend the next few days relaxing. Could have been much worse I suppose - MacGuyver could have set your house on fire with that blow-torch. I've heard of that happening and sounds like something I'd do. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. Nice to see you on your way despite the surprise snow and ice. Nice looking park and I like the price!

  10. Glad to hear you've hit the road and hopefully left the nasty weather in the rear view mirror. Enjoy and safe travels.

  11. Glad to hear you made it to warmer weather and out of the snow. You are braver than me, I would have stayed and waited for the snow to melt, but in IL that could be several months.

  12. Hi - I just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying reading about your adventures. We're getting our first travel trailer next month and the first thing we're going to do is head south so we can get out of the snow :-) Glad you guys escaped it! Cheers - Ellen

  13. Glad you made it to Mississippi....the weather is suppose to clear out tuesday and head eastward........have fun!