Cave Dwellings: I’m going to hire Elmer Fudd…..PESKY WABBITS!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I’m going to hire Elmer Fudd…..PESKY WABBITS!

It does me absolutely NO earthly good to go all hyper spastic about our multiplying rabbit population here at 518 W. Center St.  As with Adam and Eve, I’m sure it all started with 2 ..Two adorable little yuppie bunnies who fell in lust love, found a preacher bunny, got married and had sweet adorable little baby bunnies. Hence the beginning of fencing in my vegetable garden, keeping any Impatience flowers up on our deck, and chasing the little darlings out of my flower beds…I thought we just had a ONE major problem with my naughty squirrels. Every morning I have to go out on the deck and fill in the holes of all my potted plants, sweep up the dirt and sometimes I even have to replant those poor little flowers who find themselves lying on TOP the dirt with their roots exposed to all the world.

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Yep, squirrel and rabbit stew is a recipe I am more than ready for.

Before all of you critter lovers send me hate email, I really do enjoy Mother Nature and her wonderful little animals of the world. REALLY, I DO!..But (here comes the rant), I am losing my fairly good sense of humor this summer at having to replace plants every week.  The WalMart garden center knows me well.  I finally Googled “plants that rabbit will NOT eat”, and came up with 3…Coleus, Snapdragons, and Marigolds…LET THOSE DAGNAB CRITTERS FIND THEIR GARDEN SALAD AND FLOWER LUNCHEON DOWN THE STREET FROM NOW ON!!

Some of you may remember my great find at a garage salel last week…my electric wood stove/heater…Well, the heater part didn’t work, so MacGyver got out his little test kit and proceeded to tear that wood stove apart on our kitchen counter…

101_5726 101_5728


After removing a gazillion little screws and bagging them in various zip snak bags, the heater element underneath was finally opened up so Den could test all the electrical connections. And while we had it apart we gave it a really good cleaning.  Dennis even brought his air compressor hose in the kitchen to blow out all the dust in the heater coils…(and placed it all over my kitchen).  After a night and a day, we  had it cleaned up and Dennis found the problem. Don’t ask me what it was, I hate electricity and am basically afraid of it..All I do is hold MacGyver’s flashlight. At any rate, it is now fixed and not only is it just soooo cute…it provides heat if we would need it to!!

Well, I finally got the results of my parathyroid nuclear test that I had done last week.  Apparently I have one enlarged parathyroid gland, which means it has turned into a begnign tumor and probably needs to come out. “Parathyroid glands control the amount of calcium in our blood and bones. About 1 in 100 people (1 in 50 women over 50) develop a parathyroid gland tumor during their lifetime causing parathyroid disease, called: "hyperparathyroidism". Hyperparathyroidism is a destructive disease that causes high blood calcium--which leads to serious health problems--even early death. It can be cured in most patients in less than 20 minutes with parathyroid tumor removal. If you have high calcium, you almost certainly have a parathyroid tumor.” Yes, I do have high calcium (hypercalcemia).  “We now know that primary hyperparathyroidism is a debilitating disease like diabetes that takes a terrible toll on your body over time. It is much more deadly than high cholesterol--and it will make you feel miserable. Bottom Line: the days of doing nothing for hyperparathyroidism are long gone; the days of "watching" your calcium because it is "just a little bit high" are long gone. A little high calcium for many years is very dangerous. It is much better for the patient and cheaper in the long run to have a mini-parathyroid operation and fix the problem (usually 20 minutes or even less by some experts -- go home in an hour or two). How high the calcium is does not matter--a little bit high calcium is just as deadly as a very high calcium!”

  I guess this has just turned into a medical merry blogging session, but I do think it’s important to get this information out.  I have been suffering at least 2 years with high blood pressure, extreme depression and moodiness, kidney stones ( all my life), bouts of severe diarrhea and just not feeling good in general. I had NO idea what the Heck the parathyroid glands even did, until my Cardiologist was very surprised by my sudden high BP, plus kidney stones, plus high Calcium levels in my blood. He was the one who sent me to see an Endocrinologist..Thank you, Dr. Vijay Shah!! I might add that our daughter, Terrie, has had waaaaay more stones than I, and is probably going to pursue this same avenue I have….It can be  hereditary…

OK, enough of the General Hospital segue…On a lighter note, we are planning on taking a few days ,just after July 4th, to go to Hayward WI with family again this year. No, we won’t be taking the Hiker. We are only going for 3 nights, so Den and I will again be booking our little “love nest”, the Chip-Wa Motel, about 2 miles from Treeland Resorts.  The rest of the family spends the whole week at Treelands.   After only 3 nights of this Cave-A-Palooza, MacGyver and I have to come home and go to de-tox…JUST  KIDDING!! Here are a few pictures from last year…(Don’t panic, I put them in one big collage!)




  1. Seems like you should feel a heck of a lot better after getting that tumor removed!

    1. I hope I'm not counting too much on that, but I sure am....hope I'm not disappointed.

  2. That nuclear test was quite the medical description. Sure hope that fixes all the problems up that you've been having.

    The cave-a-palooza holiday sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

    1. Thanks, Rick..I think a Cave-A-Palooza is JUST what I need!

  3. Glad you got a diagnosis and are on track for surgery.

  4. I remember summer vacations spent in Hayward and learning to water ski on the flowage. Hey, thanks for the medical info. My mom suffered for years with high blood calcium and I seem to take after her in lots of ways so I'll be keeping that info handy. Hope you're feeling as spry as those bunnies real soon and have fun up north with the family :-)

    1. Thanks Ingrid...I am just wanting to feel better...A fun time with the kids is just what I a glass of wine or two or....

  5. Awww, that fantastic family at a Cave-A-Palooza, it just doesn't get any better and yes, yes, yes just what the doctor ordered. Glad you got the news about your thyroid. Once you get it done you will be much much better!!!! Good information to know!!

  6. Always a good idea to get those medical things out because most readers have probably never heard of it before & some could be having similar symptoms. A little traveling time is always good for what ails a person. Can sure identify with the moodiness & depression but luckily I don't got the trots & other stuff.