Cave Dwellings: Memories of the Cougar….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Memories of the Cougar….

Not much going on here…I am feeling much better, and figured either I passed the kidney stone, or it moved to another location to aggravate me another time. Either way, I’m in a much better place than a few days ago. This past week we had some nice warm temperatures here, and with it came the high humidity. Of course, it would have to be this week that Dennis and I decided to put down 30 bags of mulch in the yard.  We started Monday morning, in the 88 degree heat and high humidity..Not sure what they were, but we were beleaguered by hoards of tiny bugs that BITE!! They seemed to be coming out of the dirt as we dug around.  Even Deep Woods Off wouldn’t keep them from feasting on our flesh. I really got nailed. I guess I  had the most “skin in the game”. I counted 58 bites. (some were behind me and hard to see ;-)  Today it’s Benadryl and After Bite, in heavy doses! And we still have 18 bags left to distribute!!

Since I cannot come  up with one interesting thing we have done, I have chosen to put a few pics of our first 5’er we owned on the blog…a 2004 Keystone Cougar. We owned it almost 4 years before we decided MacGyver’s feet hanging off the end of the bed wasn’t cutting it…Neither were the 3 blow-outs on the tires..That’s when traded up for our 2007 Hiker..So, if you want, join me for a walk down “Cougar Lane”…

Scan1 Scan8 Scan17

Above left and middle photos were taken at Van Horne, TX on our way to Arizona. Right pic was taken at Alamo Lake State Park, Arizona..Another nice place!

Scan19 Scan18

Above, Den looks across Alamo Lake..They even have bass fishing tournaments there!…The stars at night there are beautiful. too!…no city lights because the nearest little town is 40 miles!

Scan2 Scan3

Above pics taken at Pedernales Falls State Park, the Texas Hill Country..another nice park!


From Pedernales Falls SP we could easily drive to visit Luckenback,TX..”ain’t nobody feelin’ no pain”..




This was taken while you could still drive across Hoover Dam on the way to Las Vegas.  At this time, they had  just begun building an alternative bridge to this one. A bridge that DIDN’T cross the dam.  After 9/11,  the government decided to be smart and avoid another disaster.  A truck full of explosives set off on that bridge over the dam would be a terrible thing to even imagine…Therefore, we can no longer cross that old bridge. I was glad we actually did get to cross it one last time…The Border Patrol and State Police were pulling ALL vehicles over and searching them before allowing anyone to cross!






Scan14 Scan15

I took these photos as we crossed the dam….It sure was a beautiful view…sad that no one can do it anymore, but I understand the reason.

Scan Scan38

Scan26 Scan27

Scan28 Scan29

The 4 photos above were taken in 2005, Noglales, Mexico….when it was still pretty safe to walk across there at the Arizona border…

Scan39 Scan36

Ah, yes…The ol’ Cougar was our very first RV…and we got bitten by “Hitch Itch” immediately! (Left was taken at Rend Lake, IL 2005)

We really had a great time in that Cougar.  I do think it was a bit of a lemon, you can get those now and then.  And we discovered the tire problem was due to a bent axle from the factory. Being dubbed MacGyver, Den ordered a new one from Indiana, went over and picked it up…AND changed the axle himself. By that time, we were dreaming BIGGER!…Our Hiker is almost 7 years old now… Yep, MacGyver’s big paws are now tucked completely under the covers!


Notice here that Dennis was about 30 lbs heavier..and HEY! who the Heck IS that blonde he was with, anyway??????


  1. Wow great times. You can still cross the dam to park and visit. We did a few months ago.

  2. Enjoyed your blog post today. Great memories of your Cougar.

    By the way, your header photo is awesome. Sorry to hear about the biting bugs. They sound miserable.

  3. If you had some purple martins, perhaps they would take care of those pesky bugs! ;)

  4. It is always fun to walk down memory lane!!!! Like your Cougar!!

  5. great trip down memory lane! us being the proud owners of our second cougar..we are sure hoping it won't be a 'lemon'..
    by the way..the header photo? it!! want to be NOW!

  6. I have a friend that has a Cougar and she had to replace an axle too.

  7. Great memories - some interesting times and beautiful places.

  8. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sure hope you're feeling better....bug bites, stones, and all. And to think I was starting to feel that twinge of missing a yard. Thanks for curing me :-)

  9. Apparently Keystone fivers in general have axle issues. We had a Montana fiver with dangerously excessive tire wear. Neither axle was installed 90 degrees to direction of travel. Plus, none of the wheels were in the vertical. After 14,000 miles the tires were shot. So, it's cheap insurance to take a towable in and have the axles checked.