Cave Dwellings: Fair pictures..and a Happy Anniversary!
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fair pictures..and a Happy Anniversary!

  This will be a short blog…A few “dust ups” with the elders and we are headed up there tomorrow….The Wolff family came up last weekend for the fair and Saturday a few of the family went out to the Sandwich Fair…

2013-09-07 11.53.502013-09-07 12.09.592013-09-07 12.39.20


Kelly’s wife was working the EMS tent, so he joined myself, The Wolff family and the Heisers (Tim joined us later) in walking out to the fairgrounds.  We were very lucky to have the two older Heiser kids along to help take the 2 Wolff cubs on some rides.  Tay and Peyton took them on bumper cars, the fun house, the tree house, and of course we had to play the Mouse Game.   We had to have a few corn dogs and lemon shake-ups…Rolling on the floor laughing

2013-09-07 13.42.532013-09-07 13.43.03

The object here was to go up that rope ladder and ring the bell at the top…Taylor and John Wolff both tried. John fell off before Tay did..So much for the “marathon man”.

2013-09-07 13.50.562013-09-07 13.49.12

…Then Campbell and Aiden had to give it a try…to no avail….That guy who ran this made it look sooo easy ( pic on right in black shorts)..I still think there was some switch they pulled to make it tough after he was done showing off!

2013-09-07 13.43.392013-09-07 13.43.48

Then Peyton tried it…and John Wolff wanted one more try….Sorry, John…stick to running.  In the end, none of our family made it up that rope…At $2.50 a try, that rube made lots of money on us!

2013-09-07 12.27.15fairkids

Our 3 kids…left taken Saturday afternoon at the fair….Right, taken Saturday night at the tractor pulls. I opted to stay home with the kids and forego the tractor pulls. Been there, done that..too loud. But,  MacGyver went, along with our cousins and kids…They had a great time and I enjoyed my time with the my element  toasting marshmallows by the my “ensemble” surrounded by youth..Party smile

Tomorrow is our Kelly and Cindy’s anniversary.  They were married on Sept. 11th, 2007 on Dingle Peninsula in Ireland…



Happy Anniversary you two!!!


  1. Looked to be a fun day (and night for some) at the Sandwich Fair. That ladder guy has a good thing going there.

    What a beautiful spot for a wedding ceremony. Happy Anniversary to both!

  2. Fun times for sure at the Sandwich Fair. That header photo has my mouth watering. A happy anniversary to the young couple....what a gorgeous spot to get married. Hope you get the fiver out this winter!

  3. Someday I'd like to go to the Sandwich fair, but I won't be doing that rope ladder!

    1. It's a great fair, but this year a cinnamon roll was $9.00...YIKES!

  4. Looks like a really fun fair. Great looking family, and bet that was a fun wedding, also.

    1. We didn't go..I hate flying..Cindy's Dad went but her mom didn't go either...Both had been married before so they chose the destination of Ireland. That made the guest list pretty short.