Cave Dwellings: Busy few days….
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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy few days….

  It seems that the minute the weather warms up, the sun shines and the birdies sing…I get waaaay more energy!! It seems that MacGyver is much the same as I…

2013-05-03 16.06.50


Friday we picked up Terrie and Tim’s dog, Bogie….and we were “driving Miss Bogie” to our house for the weekend.  We use to have a Black Labrador Retriever named Gypsy..We got her (the kids got her) for Christmas in 1981.  She was a great dog and lived to be 12 years old.  She gave us 2 litters of puppies.  One was a litter of 8 and the next was a litter of 9.  Her name was Hi-Tide’s Gypsy Queen (got her from Hi-Tides Kennel) and she came with registered papers..on the floor AND in the drawer..pure bred Lab, yes she was!  Gypsy’s mother was a Yellow Lab and her father was a Chocolate.  When we had her bred, she was bred to a Chocolate pure bred Lab named Gentle Ben.  Gypsy’s first litter of pups were chocolate and black.  Her second litter were chocolate, black and…yellow…all colors of the breed!!!

Bogie, (in above left photo…wearing her pink sports bra) is a rescue dog and is deaf…I hate it when she makes a jail break into the backyard..You cannot call a deaf dog…Nope..just doesn’t work ..Ya gotta get out the lunchmeat and bribe her back with her sense of smell…Works every time!!

We have a few rules at our house when it comes to dogs, always have….No dogs allowed on the bed…and no dogs allowed on the furniture….


2013-05-05 08.24.452013-05-04 15.26.16

“Yeah, I’m on the couch…..I was tired….What’s your problem, Grama???”  Spoil the grandkids and spoil the granddog, right?

The reason we were babysitting Bogie was that our 2 daughters and their hubbys were running in the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon …13 miles…Ter, Tim and kids all went to Zionsville and stayed with Chris and John to run the mini…


The guy on the left is one of Tim’s cop friends…then Ter, Tim, Chris and John..


Yep, those would be the Cave sisters….Wonder where they get that silly side????Rolling on the floor laughing

As I said, Dennis and I got a burst of energy this week…Lord knows, our house and yard could use some bursting lately….

2013-05-05 15.05.282013-05-06 14.26.40

Our flagpole was due for a much needed paint job…This included wire brushing, priming and painting..The hardest part is getting the darn thing DOWN!!This is a 2 strong men job, and our neighbor helped Den take it down and carry it out by the garage..I’m happy to report that it is now back up, thanks to our son, Kelly, for helping stick it back in place…Keep in mind, MacGyver MADE this flagpole..and it is a real heavy pipe!!

2013-05-06 12.13.362013-05-08 12.57.38

And then there was changing the oil in the GMC…and turning our ‘ol blue rust bucket truck into a “tailgate” potting bench…Den helped me plant lots of flower pots from that tailgate!…And what was I doing????

2013-05-07 19.01.52




  This Sunday is Mother’s Day and I want to wish all of you ladies a wonderful day…My plans include Memphis style BBQ’d ribs , prepared and cooked by Chef Dennis (who insists that I am NOT HIS mother)…Confused smile…but tolerates me by agreeing to be my personal “pitmaster” for my special day…





2013-05-10 16.25.072013-05-10 16.22.43

Above left, Den’s Mother and Father, Cam and Katherine Cave..both gone now…  Above right, is my Mother and Father, Don and Cora “Corky “Ross…also both gone long ago.  To all of you who still have your parents, you are very blessed…Enjoy them..including all of their funny little idiosyncrasies…Embrace their uniqueness, crazy logic and little quirks…Someday you can reflect back and smile, as Dennis and I do now…Love you and miss you , Mom and Dad…All four of you were very special and “one of a kind” people, for sure…

…I gotta end this on a laugh…Here is a quote from one of my favorite “mothers”….

“My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.”
Erma Bombeck


  1. I'm thinking we've seen that lighthouse sweatshirt more than a time or two. I also think you should go on a mission to replace it before it is threadbare, unless you're emotionally attached to it? ;) Just sayin'...

  2. Great to see the photos of both your parents - nice touch before Mother's Day.

    I'm glad to see your kids haven't been scared off from running marathons - good for them!

    Those Memphis style BBQ'd ribs are sounding might tasty!

    1. It's always great to remember our "beginnings"...I hope my kids do the same!!

  3. hope you enjoy your Mother's Day, Donna! sounds like it's going to be a 'delicious one'
    as for your ensemble?..perfection!!

    1. Actually, I took Judy's advice and dumped the lighthouse sweatshirt...replaced it with a bright red one...Gonna be a new addition for my outfits..

  4. HAPPY HAPPY mom's day! i am sure it will be interesting at your house, as it will be here....Enjoy!

    1. Thanks,Nan..It's ALWAYS interesting at the Cave Dwellings....Happy Mom's Day to you!