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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No WAY can I shorten this blog…Be prepared!!

  Sunday at the Casa la Cave we had a regular Easter-palooza…We had Easter eggs, hidden all over the yard (yes, the Bunny made sure we found them ALL!)..There were 7 kids,8 adults..wait a minute…just what constitutes an adult at one of these events?? I do believe that “moi” could qualify as an child at times!! 

We ladies had Pink Moscato wine with a scoop of Raspberry Sorbet in it as our adult beverage of choice….The men opted to keep it simple with beer.  (Someone put the ingredients for a Brandy Manhattan out on my counter too!!) I wonder who could have done that!!Angry smile I made 2 1/2 pans of lasagna, with homemade mac and cheese, garlic bread stix and cottage cheese…(Wally World made the last two ingredients)…There was Easter grass, chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, …You name it, and it was ground into my floor Rolling on the floor laughing…And by the way, who invented Peeps anyway???? Those are just about the nastiest things I have ever encountered…I know darn good and well that they are not ANYWHERE near a major food group, and that pink/yellow/purple sugar sifts it’s way into every nook and cranny of the house…SHEESH!


At least the weather cooperated for a while and we had some fun games outside…..

2013-03-31 17.28.50

…Some of the adults played tag with the kids…Thankfully we had medical personnel in the family, just in case!

Monday night Den and I attended an awards ceremony at Oswego Fire  Dept, station #1…This station is REALLY BIG.  Three new firefighter recruits were being sworn in that night, and also some awards for extreme acts were given to some members of Oswego Fire Dept..  Our son, Kelly, and the men on his shift were among them…Party smile

2013-04-01 18.41.22


When we arrived at the firehouse, the sun was just setting..This picture is the West side of the station, and it shows just some of many bays here at Owego Fire Station #1.  It is HUGE!! We had quite a time finding a place to park, as lots of families were invited for this event…Luckily, Kelly saw us driving around and around , landing finally at the rear of the fire station….and came out to guide us in..






2013-04-01 19.31.222013-04-01 19.30.412013-04-01 20.02.51

That would be our son in the middle, awaiting his award with some of the others… The “BIG CHIEF”, (Chief of the entire OFD), Chief Rick Neitzer, gave each firefighter his award and shook his hand…very cool.

Kelly gave us a tour of the entire firehouse after the ceremony. This was very impressive. And, of course you know darn well that I took some photos of the placeWinking smile!

2013-04-01 19.52.372013-04-01 19.52.462013-04-01 19.53.05

The living quarters for the firefighters is upstairs..The left 2 pics are the “lounge” for their relaxation time, of which there isn’t much . (There were actually 3 different calls during the ceremony, taking a few firefighters into the night)…Right photo is the proverbial “fireman’s pole”, and there are actually 2 of them in this station…These poles go from the upstairs living area and end up right in the fire truck bays…


2013-04-01 19.54.102013-04-01 19.52.562013-04-01 19.53.31

Yep, you are seeing correctly….Above is their kitchen…and each shift has their own refrigerator…That makes 3, and Paula Deen has nothing compared to these firefighters!….Pic on the right is the outdoor balcony, right outside off their living quarters.  Yet another option to just “hang out”…And would you just look at that sunset we  had Monday night!!!..The Firehouse Gods were with us for this photo shoot!!



This collage includes many facets of the tour…Everything from rolls of fire hose, water rescue and technical equipment truck, their gear, the garage/workshop…These fire fighters have to be prepared for ANYTHING, from entrapment, construction accidents, auto crashes, building name it….They are ALL heroes in my book!!

The ceremony was soooo great, and at the end of it the Pipes and Drums Corp played for us all…Of course Dennis and I weren’t proud at all that Kelly was ALSO one of the drummers in the groupOpen-mouthed smileThumbs up!!

pipesanddrumspipesanddrums2Kelly fireman

2013-04-01 20.03.30


Bear with me, I have a few more photos…Kelly and Cindy were married in Ireland on Sept. 11th, 2007….and quite a few of the firefighters and wives flew over to attend..They were married outdoors at Slea Head, Co. Kerry..


2013-04-01 19.56.10

September 11th , being a very emotional memory for all emergency personnel, Deputy Fire Chief, Tom Brady, who attended their wedding, did a special reading honoring those emergency personnel who lost their lives on that fateful day…Fagan John Ryan, who presided over the wedding, presented a special copy of the reading for Oswego Fire Department.

Above is that very document, now hanging in Oswego Firehouse #1…a gift to Chief Brad Smith, read by Deputy Chief Tom Brady at Kel and Cin’s wedding in Ireland, Sept. 11th, 2007. It is pretty hard to read, but well worth it if you can..

When we left the firehouse it was dark outside…and I took a couple photos of from the front as we left…

2013-04-01 20.08.472013-04-01 20.08.28

On the left is one of the rows of bays that houses some of the fire trucks in the front of the station…Middle photo, you will notice the flags in front of OFD flying at half staff…This is in honor of a State Trooper James Sauter, who lost his life when his squad ,which was parked just off on the side of the expressway in Glenview, IL. , was rear ended by a semi and caught fire, killing him instantly…


The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts. An immense difference.”

                                             ~Henry Miller


  1. Wow! I know you must be very proud of your son. I am and I don't even know him.

    1. He is a great guy..He would love you two,he loves to have a good time!

  2. Congrats, he has a tough and important job! Looks like they have some great facilities there.

    1. Thanks you two..They call that station the Taj Majal!

  3. You can all be very proud of Kelly, and I am sure he is enjoying every minute of it.He's a lucky man te be able to do what he loves.We will pray for that young Troopers family, I used to say a police car on the side with it's lights on is like a magnet, had two of them destroyed in 30 years, Luckily I wasn't inside and jumped clear of what seemed like police car everywhere. Sam & Donna..

    1. Thanks Sam....Sometimes we forget just how dangerous the job is of firefighter and police officer..not to mention military!

  4. A sad ending to this proud post... I think we are surrounded by heroes everyday.

    1. Agreed, Judy...We all need to recognize that more often..

  5. I can see you are justifiably proud of your son - he's a hero in my eyes. Nice digs too! So sorry for the trooper - another hero lost too soon.

  6. Congratulations to you both and your son. Wow that kitchen I'll bet they have some seriously great meals cooked there. How very sad about the state trooper that was killed. Too many give their lives so that all of us are safe.

    1. Thanks, Tammy...Nice to have you "on board" the Cave insanity bus...I envy you your new lifestyle!

  7. what a great 'cave weekend'! such proud family moment!!
    there are indeed heroes among us!

  8. You two raised a great man. Kelly received the honor, but I think parents need an atta boy too. So here is yours! Great job you two!

  9. Thanks for a great tour of the Fire Hall - looks like some pretty nice digs! I like the 3 refrigerators as it sure must avoid a lot of fights!!

    Good for Kelly and congrats on his award - well done.

    I thought I could hear a tremendous noise all the way over in California - must have been your Cave-a-palooza!!

  10. Appears it was a wonderful Easter weekend. Congrats to all. Sounds like a toast is in order!