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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, October 17, 2011


  After a very precarious start, my road trip to Zionsville, IN got underway last Thursday… When I left our house at 5:45AM, it was still VERY dark, and raining hard…WARNING..This is not good news when you are 63, not of good vision, and driving back roads in the rain to get to the highway…Let me just say, I am now positive I should not be driving strange roads after dark.  Anyway, I managed to make it in 4 hours, white knuckled for the first hour… and the trip was really fun after the long drive.   I wonder why there are speed limits on our interstates??….No one obeys them anyway.  I found that out by almost getting my GMC ass run over.

Our daughter and hubby just remodeled their new home, and we hadn’t seen their new kitchen….After cooking in it, I can say it is “Food Network” worthy…




…Above photos show where I pretty much hung out…their climate controlled wine bar…Oooooh yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

They totally gutted this home and remodeled it…The big stone fireplace was already there and is the focal point of the open concept great room..They took out about 3 walls to open this up…




….Above photo??  Why, it’s a microwave in a drawer, no less!   I know, I know….I couldn’t believe it either.…And that button on the counter top, right?? Push that to turn on the garbage disposal… I had no clue.  I babysat Maddox Friday while Chris went to work and had to call and ask her what that button was for. I was afraid to push it..Hey, it could have made that island disappear into their basement, for all I knew!!  Suffice to say, after cooking in Chris and John’s new kitchen I wanted to come home and torch mine.


This “subdivision”they live in is called Raintree..It was established in the 1970’s and there isn’t one home that looks like another…The inside of Chris and John’s home was vintage 70’s, dark cabinets with a separate kitchen,  lots of walls…Come to think of it,  their old kitchen was very much like OUR  kitchen is right NOW!!   We bought our home in 1975, and remodeled our kitchen back then…and it still looks the same today…HMMMM ..Me thinks McGuyver and I need to have a talk….




This is the  home across the street from Chris and John…Just look at all of those big established trees..That is one of the perks you get in an older neighborhood…John’s Dad and Stepmom live just down the street in this same neighborhood and have for 25 years…..Notice there are NO sidewalks…anywhere….I found that interesting as I took Maddox for a walk….



Well, the “bouncer house” birthday party was a huge success….”Classico” and I made spaghetti sauce,  and boiled a ton of whole grain pasta,.. plus some artichoke spinach dip,  and garlic bread.. We all ate like starving people…Of course there was birthday cake and ice cream….and wine for the grown ups.  I guess I was considered a “grown up”, although I never will.


OK, I know you are wondering..Did I go into the bounce house and go down the slide?…YES I DID (photo bottom 2nd from left)… Aiden had to help me. Let me just say that being inside a bouncy house with 10 little kids after a glass of wine is similar to having a bad hangover in rough seas…or having your toenails ripped out with pliers….



As you can see in  the above photos, I managed to sneak  into my outfit after the party… That happened  just as soon as…….no,…..BEFORE the last guest left.  Those boys take after Mimi and got into their “outfits”, too…I think I have influenced their affinity for stripes and good taste in evening apparel …(Hey!!!, I need some jammies with feet in them,…no… REALLY!!!!)


I already miss those boys…but will be going back in 3 weeks to be there when Chris and John both run in the Indy Marathon…Thanks for again allowing parts of our family to enter into your homes .   Please excuse the wrapping paper all over the place, the frosting stuck to your floors and the ice cream drying behind your couch….Your patience with my photos and this too long account of my trip are greatly appreciated….


“On the seventh day God rested. His grandchildren must have been out of town.” ~Gene Perret



  1. A fine weekend for sure! I can certainly empathize with the driving in the dark stuff. I only do it as a last resort.

  2. They left you alone with their kids and their climate controlled wine bar??? Now thats trust!!!

  3. Too bad Mcguyver couldnt be with you....would have been fun to see the two of you in bouncy house in tandem. Love that kitchen. Mine is big but very old...yep from the 70's .
    As far as speed limits only good in small towns to give the police something to do. :-)
    Donna W.

  4. That sure is a beautiful looking kitchen. That party looked like a lot of fun with the bounce house.

    That's quite the glass of wine you've got sitting in your jammies!!

  5. what a great kitchen.. I would love one just like it!..and the wine you there!!..
    love all the photos from the party and your lounging clothes are perfect along with the big glass of wine!!

  6. I really enjoy visiting with you and your family. I don't mind the ice cream, etc. I have dogs that clean that stuff up. Beautiful kitchen; huge kitchen. Beautiful grandbabies also. I'm not sure they make PJ's with feet in them for adults, but if they do I'm sure you will find them.

  7. What an awesome time! I can tell by the pictures!!! Beautiful home... my 70s kitchen has been remodeled, but doesn't look like that one!

  8. I do not drive in the dark. I hate to just drive to a restaurant in the evening. What a gorgeous home. Love the garbage disposal button. Way too fancy for me.