Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Our weather here at Lake Georgetown has been pretty nice...sunny and mild...Lots of good sunning to be done here! Yesterday afternoon our friends from Minnesota, Ronae and Wayne Selee arrived at Lake Georgetown. These are the friends we hooked up with at Canyon Lake in December for Christmas. They are on their way home, as are we, and taking their "sweet time" are we. I was sitting outside in the sun and saw them pullin up the road by our camper. They stopped so we could get a quick hug, and continued past us on up the road to find a spot to set up. About an hour later, we saw Wayne coming back around (without the camper) and we assumed they were all set up. Wayne stopped his truck and Den went out to see where they parked their rig...Wayne said they were in site #32, just a couple up from us....but there was one big problem..They got all set up, he went up to pay, and the camping "gustapo" said that site #32 was reserved and they would have to move. ...Needless to say, Wayne was truly NOT a happy camper. You are not suppose to be able to reserve a site specifically by number...but apparently the rules here are.."there are no rules".
Wayne was really mad, and I can't blame him. There was no "reserved" sign on the site, so he and Ronae claimed it and got everything unhooked and set they had to pull in slides, stow things away and rehook...Never a dull moment when you RV. About 5PM, after finding another spot, they came down to our site for a cocktail around the 'ol campfire and finally relaxed. I might add that it was Den's birthday, so we were happy to enjoy it with good friends, if we couldn't have family here. We had a great visit until about 7:30PM, when we all decided it was time for food. Ronae and Wayne had some Walleye ready to grill, and Den and I had a "cardboard" pizza to put in the oven, so we went to our respective RV's and finished off the evening.
Last night, about 3AM, our weather radio screamed it's spine tingling tone....There was a severe thunderstorm watch for our county, Williamson, until about 5AM..just great. It never fails...once the weather radio goes off in the middle of the night, that ends my sleeping...It did begin to thunder and then rained. The wind came up quite a bit, but not what I would call severe. When Den and I finally decided to get out of bed at 7:15AM, the sun was coming out, it was 60 degrees, and beautiful outside. We took our walk and came back for our coffee. We had plans to go into town and get some groceries, so we headed out about 8: 30AM.
We went into the WalMart, which is only about 4 miles from our camper...and when we came out, the wind was blowing like a gale..Winds had to be gusting to about much for the plans to sit and read in the sun. We drove back to the campground...Den's spinner he made was candles on the picnic table in our shelter were on the ground..and there were whitecaps on Lake you can see.....
Den did find the parts of the spinner down the road at another campsite.
I took a couple shots of our spot while I was blowing around outside...

as you can see it LOOKED like a picture perfect day...NOT. The wind was horrific!!
Tomorrow we are venturing out in the afternoon to see if we can find the VFW post in Georgetown. We got online and found that they are open to the public, so we might go have a beer. Also, I declared that tomorrow was a "NO COOK" zone for us, so we will find some kind of carry out for dinner...Yea!!!! If we do anything interesting, I will post it....Later

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