Cave Dwellings: Breaking Camp Tomorrow
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Breaking Camp Tomorrow

There will be no photos today. You can only take so many photos of tombstones, trees and leaves. We got up at 7AM today and took our coffee "to go" to the laundromat about 10 miles away. We were the only ones there until the owner came in..Let's just say it was interesting..cleaned out tuna tins for ashtrays...need I say more? Dennis helped me move the wet laundry from the front loading washers to the dryers. I tell you that to say this.. when we were folding clothes we each came up with 1 missing sock. Of course he immediately assumed I lost them....that is, until he looked in the 2 washers and found the absent socks stuck to the top inside the drums..and who unloaded those washers, hmmmmm (I tried not to smile).
We loaded up our laundry and went to the Super WalMart for groceries. I was looking for some cross-cut beef ribs but we need to get further South to find them. The WalMart was one of the cleanest we have ever been in. We found a few more items we needed back at camp and went to find diesel fuel.
This town of Grenada is pretty good sized and they have bunch of nice hotels lining the main drag. We were pleased to locate fuel for $2.55 a gallon and filled up. We were so low on fuel when we got here Tuesday that Den had to put the diesel from the 5 gallon can we always carry in the back of the truck...lucky for us we had it!
Tomorrow we leave here and head toward Natchez, MS. I am excited to see the antebellum homes there. We are taking the route that leads us to the Natchez Trace. For those of you who are clueless what that is the main road that was used in the late 1700's and 1800's to take people and their goods from Natchez on the Mississippi River to Nashville.This mad for interesting travel, full of thieves and cutthroats, along with the families that just got off the riverboats. They have made a new road that follows the Trace, and some of the old existing road is still visible along the way. Of course, I will take photos of that. So that is our exciting day...I will blog more Monday afternoon later...after we get back from our day in the wonderful old historic town of Natchez, Mississippi.

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  1. I hope the South treats you nice while you're here. The weather has been okay over here in LA. I shouldn't complain, we still don't need a coat! Keep up the blogging and if you get anywhere close to us you better hollar! Sandi and Dr. Penis